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The Ministry of Finance is a Government agency which has the function of implementing the State management in finance, (including: State budget; public debt; tax; fees, and other revenues of the State budget; national reserve; State financial funds; financial investment; corporate finance; cooperative finance and collective economy; public property as prescribed by law) ; customs; accountanting; independent auditing; prices; securities; insurance; financial and other services under the Ministry’s state management; conducting the ownership rights to the State’s investment capital in enterprises according to regulations of the Law.

Organization structure of the Ministry of Finance according to the Decree No 14/2023/NĐ-CP dated 20/4/2023:

1. Department of State Budget

2. Department of Investment

3. Department of Finance for National Defense and Security

4. Department of Public Expenditure

5. Department of Banking and Financial Institutions

6. Department of International Cooperation

7.Legal Department

8. Department of Personal and Training

9. Department of Finance Inspectorate

10. Ministerial Office

11. Department of the Tax policies, fees and charges Supervisory Authority

12. Department of Public Asset Management

13. Department of Debt Management and External Finance

14. Insurance Supervisory Authority

15. Department of Accounting and Auditing Regulations

16. Department of Price Management

17. Department of Financial Informatics and Statistics

18. Department of Corporate Finance

19. Department of Financial Planning

20. General Department of Taxation

21. General Department of Customs

22. General Department of National Reserves

23. State Treasury

24. State Securities Commission

25. National Institution for Finance

26. Vietnam Financial Times

27. Financial Magazine

28. Institute of Financial Training